3 ways to wear women’s rain boots

All I needed was the rain boots

Elvis Presley once sang All I needed was the rain. Well all we needed last miserable rainy Wednesday was the rain boots! Wellies, rubber boots for women, Women’s Rain Boots, cute rain boots! Who hasn’t seen or wanted a pair of nice Women’s Rain Boots. As matter of fact, many of you probably already own one –or many– pair of rain boots for women! Years ago, who would have thought that these rubber footwear would, one day, become an indispensable footwear for any fashion lover?

Women’s Rain Boots are so in today that big brands and designers, such as Coach, Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Tokidoki have their own lines of rubber boots. These rain boots for women are very stylish, and not to forget extremely useful in a rainy weather.

However, the big question is often how to wear Women’s Rain Boots. FIRST, one good way to ruin your purchase is to wear your pants OVER your cute rain boots. The reason you are buying those fun and cool rubber boots or designer ladies rain boots is because you like their look, so show them off! Here is our top 3 ways to wear Women’s Rain Boots.

#3 Wear Women’s Rain Boots with your pants rolled up or capris

wear-pants-rolled-up You may or may not be a fan of skinny jeans or tights. If not, the idea of purchasing nice boots may not be as appealing to you as you will not be able to show them. Wrong! Why not wear your cute rain boots with your pants rolled up? This way, you can show your amazing rubber boots while keeping the bottom of your pants clean and of course, your feet dry and warm.

#2 Wear Women’s Rain Boots with a skirt, a dress or shorts.

wear-dress2Try a Premium Wellington pair of Green Boots and a cute dress

So it is rainy… But hey, if it’s also warm, why not wear your Cute Rain Boots with some short shorts or a dress. Try on different outfits along with your cute rain boots. You will realize that most ladies rain boots can be pulled off just fine with most outfits, even with a fancier dress!

Kate Moss is a big fan of Women’s Rain Boots. She mixes up styles – dresses, skirts, shorts – looks great and keeps her feet dry at all time!

wear-katemosswellingtonsWear your boots like Kate Moss with a pair of Hunter Boots Original

And our favorite :

#1 Wear Women’s Rain Boots with your jeans or tights tucked in.

wear-with-thighs2Women’s Simple Dot Rain Boots – Navy

That’s the in for the next seasons. The beauty of this : any rain boots will look good with your jeans, that’s a promise! Several celebrities have shown us how it is easy to mix rain boots with jeans and tights.

Julia Roberts, Ashley Olsen and Gwen Stefani have proved us right : jeans tucked in and rain boots rock!

wear-jeans-julia_roberts wear-jeans-ashley_olsen2 wear-gwen_stefani

The classics : dav Women’s Equestrian Rain Boot, dav Women’s City Rain Boot, Aquatalia by Marvin K. Women’s Wasabi Rain Boot. Classy and beautiful!

So get yourself a pair of cute rain boots and next time it rains, you’ll be signin’ in the rain boots :)

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