Cute Rain Boots FAQs

Q. I live in Canada, and I’m having a difficult time finding all these cute rain boot brands locally! Where can I find a store that carries them? I’ve tried Walmart, The Bay, Sears, none of them carry the brands I like.

A. There are a few major chains in Canada that carry the brands mentioned on this website. The best place to look is at The Shoe Company, or Payless shoes.

Q. I live in Seattle, and obviously it rains a lot here! I’m looking for some of these cute patterned boots and maybe a matching umbrella.

A. Best place in Seattle is at the Bella Umbrella, on 70th (1421 NW 70th St.). You can visit their store online as well, but you might as well just go to Amazon and do some comparison shopping.

Q. I’m plus-sized and I’m really interested in getting a pair of cute rain boots. Because of my size, however, my calves have trouble fitting inside the boot. I like to tuck my jeans in as well, so the boots need to be quite wide to accomodate both. Any suggestions on brands that build boots for larger gals?

A. Chooka has some really cute rain boots, and the larger sized should easily fit larger calves.

Q. What are some cute and fashionable ways to wear my new cute rain boots? My mom got me a pair, and I’m not sure what to wear with them.

A. Try matching your cute rain boots and jacket, first of all. Maybe tuck your pants into your boots, and get a nice plaid shirt with a complimentary color as well. Some girls also like to wear a pair of black jeans, tucked into the boot. Lastly, never underestimate how great a short skirt + tights looks with your boots.

Q. It’s snowing outside, should I wear my cute rain boots out in the slush/snow? I’m afraid that I might look silly walking around in rain boots in the middle of winter.

A. It’s usually preferable to wait until spring, your pair of cute rain boots really wasn’t designed to go out in the dead of winter. Not only will your feet get very cold, but people tend to salt the streets which could ruin your boots.

Q. What are some of the more popular brands that carry cute rain boots? I’d really love a pair, but I don’t know where to start looking!

A. Without a doubt, the most popular brands include Chooka (with their super-cute Tokidoki line), and Kamik. If you’re looking for your kids, try looking at Kidorable’s line, they’re fantastic.

Q. What is the best place online to buy cheap rain boots? I’ve tried a few already, I’m just looking for the best online retailer now for a good deal.

A. Amazon is generally the best place to look for great deals.

Q. I noticed a small tear in my boots the other day. I’m not too worried about messing up the design too bad, I just don’t want to have to go out and buy a new pair. Is there any way to quickly (and cheaply) fix them?

A. Try “shoe goo”, you can buy it from online retailers like Amazon, or a local Walmart. The instructions are pretty straightforward, and should have them patched up in no time.

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