Rain Boots in Winter?

In recent years, rain boots have been seen in town. It rains, we wear them. It does not rain? We still wear them anyway! They are no longer only for those rare trips to the countryside. Rain boots have now become a must in our wardrobe!

Kate Moss apparently started the fashion (no surprise here!). She wore her rain boots with mini-shorts at the Glastonbury Festival in England in 2005. Since, it has been rubber boots madness! It’s raining rain boots!

Winter… or Vinter?

More and more people even like to wear these boots all winter. After all, with all the slush of winter in cities like Montreal, it is difficult to keep a new pair of leather boots in good condition. But are rain boots in winter really the ideal solution? Maybe not at -30C … unless they are padded! Tretorn had the brilliant idea of making rain boots stuffed with lamb or fake fur to keep those toes warm and dry.

Insulate your rain boots!

There is another option available to you if you already own a pair of rain boots. Yes, you can keep you feet toasty with a pair of Hunter Solid Welly Socks. Simply insert them in your rainboots and voilĂ , a new pair of waterproof winter boots.

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