The re-emergence of rain boots to cute rain boots

Ever since the boring black and red or yellow ones we used to have as kids, rain boots have gone a long way.

Not only they are a must because of their practicality, especially in areas where it rains a lot or during spring/summer, wellies can now be trendy. As a matter of fact, over the last few years, we have seen a reemergence of those rubber boots, especially for women and girls. In many magazines, cute or trendy women’s rain boots are now shown to be in style and fun. As a matter of fact, the rubber shoes come in different styles to suit all tastes:

  • colors (pink, baby blue, yellow, green, black, etc.)
  • patterns, (flowery, plaid, Hello Kitty pattern, horse pattern, etc.)
  • shapes (frog shaped, ladybug shaped, dog shaped, etc).
  • height (heels or not, low boots, tall boots)


Several companies make women’s galoshes. Within those, you will find price ranges for all types of types of budgets. Most women’s cute rain boots range between $29.99 to $69.99. However, if you wish to get a fancier brand, expect to increase your budget up by a little bit (or a fair bit in some cases!).

Some of the most known cute rain boots designer include Kamik, Chooka, Diane’s Little Lamb, Western Chief, Pucci, Capelli, Paul Frank, Marc Jacobs and Coach. Those designers often carry women’s rain boots, but also girls rain boots, children’s rain boots and toddler rain boots.

The advantages of having a pair of cute wellies:

  • they can be funky (not boring like the old fashioned ones!)
  • they will keep your feet dry
  • they often have a second layer to keep your feet warm as well
  • they come in any color you can think of
  • they come in gazillions of fun patterns
  • they will make the envy of the most fashionable girl in the office/at school
  • they can be fairly inexpensive
  • they will save your pretty shoes from being soaked wet
  • they can be worn with a dress/jeans/any pants

At, we display only the best picks amongst the most trusted designers in shoes and rain gears. We understand that not only you need to feel beautiful in your cutest rain shoes, but especially feel dry! So don’t wait for the next rainstorm to ruin your shoes and start browsing among our vast selection of  fun rubber boots!


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