Top 3 rain wear fashions

3 rain wear fashions

The sun is shyly showing in the sky, temperatures are getting warmer – well at least for those living on the north part of the hemisphere. Despite our impatience for nice sunny weather, rain is and will always be part of our world. There is no need to raise those eyebrows, as we all know that without the rain, there would be no life on earth!

But raining doesn’t have to rime with deadening/unexciting/uninteresting. Get ready for the next rainy day with these 3 pieces of rain wear that will sure keep you dry and nice, as we all know that there is nothing worst and aggravating than getting rained on shortly after our visit to the hairdresser or when wearing our cutest (white) summer dress. So

Rain gear #1 – Women’s rain boots

bestselling-zulima-bias-plaidZulima bias plaid

What is worst than having wet feet and wet shoes? Not many things for sure. To keep your tootsies dry and warm and protect your new pedicure, why not get yourself a pair of  funky boots to protect your feet from the rain. Women’s rain boots now being in fashion, you will have a vast choice of rainboots designs, going from super cute lay bugs to more classic and elegant plaid patterns or simple solid colors. So grab one of the fun print pair and have fun, there are tons of looks to choose from.

Rain wear #2 – Bubble Umbrella

bubble-umbrellaBubble umbrellas

Those indispensable rain wear are offered in multiple colors and designs, to help you find the ideal bubble umbrella that will fit your style. The best quality of the bubble umbrella is that their special design offers you better protection and overall coverage from the rain, especially from on windy rainy days. We have all experienced the inside-out-umbrella syndrome, which can be fairly unpleasant. So do not let the next windy rainy day scare you off by getting yourself a bubble umbrella rain gear.

Rain wear #3 – Trench Coats

trench-coatTrench coats

Last but not least, trench coats are perfect to keep you dry and also warm, on cooler days. Because they have the particularity of being long and usually made of light fabric, trench coats are especially good for spring. Moreover, trench coats are known to have that everlasting chicness to them. So be fashionable and elegant this spring and get yourself a trench coat rain wear to keep you dry this season, just like Jennifer Aniston.

So get yourself a bubble umbrella, a trench coat and a pair of cute rain boots this season and next time it rains, you’ll be signin’ in the rain :)

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