We Wear Cute Rain Boots

This year, we wear cute rain boots!

Because we don’t like the rain and on top of making our nice clothes wet, they ruin our pretty shoes, so let’s wear rubber rain boots!

The trend had been started by Kate Moss, and Cie. at the Glastonbury festival, now everybody wear them, including myself!!

So don’t wait for the slushy days of March, the bad storms of summer, or the gray rainy days of fall to bring some light and fun with those fantasy rain boots.

Why we love cute rain boots so much??

1. because cute rain boots are easy to put on

2. because they are super comfy

3. because they protect our little feet from the cold, the snow and especially the rain

4. because they allow us to run in the park with Lassie, or to go pick apples in the fall with no worries of scrapping a new pair of shoes

4. because they are trendy and a lot more affordable than Louboutins…

Hollywood stars wear them winter and summer alike.

As seen on…

Ashley Olsen
Ashley Olsen wearing rain boots
Kate Moss
Kate Moss wearing rain boots
Julie Roberts
Julie Roberts wearing rain boots
Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani wearing rain boots
In, easy to wear, comfy, protect our feet from the cold rain, there really is no reason not to adopt them this year!

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