Women’s rain boots 2010

Rain boots, another trend from the 80’s, are back! Do you remember, when mom, at a single drop of rain, would make you put on those rubber boots. Back then, only a few colors were available : classic dark blue, green, yellow and if you were lucky, a frog shaped one. I even remember owning a pair of rainbow colored ones… As you probably remember, those rain boots were far from being cute or fashionable, and were mostly made for kids or fishers.

Apparently, the trend started wehn Kate Moss was shown wearing green wellies with a short short skirt in Glastobury in 2005, in England. And since… stores around the world carry these popular rain gears.

Today,  the 80’s fashion is coming back stronger than ever, and rubber boots such as Wellies have become a must have for most girls and women. I bet that many of you are even waiting impatiently for rainy days to show your girl friends your new pair of cute rain boots…

All brands of shoes and fashion designers now have their own line of cute rain boots. You can even match them with your handbag or your umbrella. They can always be worm with short mini skirts, skinny jeans or long socks.

New women’s rain boots bring with them all types of graphics and colors. From the classics boots, black or green wellies, to the most original shapes, colors and patterns. Plus they come in all price. If you can’t afford the Coach, the Juicy Couture or the Burberry ones, you will be happy to know that you can find a pair as cheap as 25 bucks!

You can even buy boots that come with their own storage bags, because in the office, at work or at school, wellies are the most comfy things to wear all day long!

Leopard and zebra patterned rain boots are THE trend this year, such as seen in store and in fashion magazines.

But if you want something more classic and chic, treat yourself with the Burberry rubber boots.

Looking for stunning and unique boots? Think Swarovski. They have a limited edition of Eagle boots.

Cute rain boots in winter? Yes it is possible. As a matter of fact, more and more women like to wear their boots in winter, because they are water proof and will keep they feet dry. After all, with today’s up and down temperatures, it is becoming difficult to keep your beautiful leather boots in good condition. But rain boots in winter, will they keep you feet as dry as they keep them warm? Probably not… unless they are stuffed with warm material! Companies like Tretorn had the smart idea to make women’s rain boots doubled with sheep or fake fur. Another solution is to isolate your favorite cute rain boots using polar socks by Hunter.

Selection of rain boots

Kandi – writer for cute-rain-boots.com

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