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Chooka Women’s Tokidoki Leopard Cute Rain Boot

Friday, 18. December 2009 17:44

Chooka Women's Tokidoki Leopard Rain Boot
Slip into Chooka’s totally playful Tokidoki rainboot to vamp up those dreary days outside. Not only will this waterproof boot offer durability in inclement weather, but its bright and bold Tokyo-inspired characters and prints will steal the fashion scene.

Tokidoki® which mean “sometimes” in Japanese, is the highly sought-after Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand using art, iconic characters and the tokidoki® logo created in 2005 by Italian artist Simone Legno. Now (more…)

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Chooka Women’s Honey Bee Rainboot

Tuesday, 27. October 2009 13:59

Chooka Women's Honey Bee Rain Boot

Probably our favorite yellow rain boot on Cute Rain Boots. Feel the buzz this fall with this so adorable Honey Bee footwear from Chooka. These cute rain boots come in yellow with a cute bee print. They are fully waterproof, and a has a grooved rubber outsole for better traction on wet and dry surfaces. A moisture-absorbing fabric lining will keep your little toes dry and warm.

A bright yellow boots to bring some fun colors to the dark colors of fall. This autumn, just let it bee!

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Chooka Women’s Street Chic Rainboot

Friday, 18. September 2009 0:38

Chooka Women's Street Chic Rainboot

Cute and stylish boots great for every rainy day. The graphics are simply terrific and you will get praise from every other girl in the neighborhood. A great gift idea for a birthday or Christmas present!
The graphics and colors of this cute rain boot are terrific, you will love them, that’s already a fact. The Street Chic from Chooka may just inspire you to brave the rain. This chic and colorful rainboot features a durable and flexible rubber upper to keep you dry, and an adjustable buckle for a custom fit. There’s also a sturdy rubber sole for excellent traction, even on slippery surfaces.

With the discerning eye of a mixed-media artist, these Street Chic rain boots by Chooka Boot will take you by storm. Natural rubber upper in a mid-calf rain boot.

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Chooka rain boots

Thursday, 30. April 2009 14:20

The number one choice of boots by many women


Chooka Women’s Noir Lace-Up Rain Boot
Chooka are among women’s top choice in rubber boots. They are stylish, fun to watch and will keep your feet dry on any rainy day. The honey bee rain boots is fun and cute. The bright yellow color will brighten those cloudy days and will make the envy of other women! The Chooka honey Bee design will keep your feet warm and dry, and allow you to enjoy every bit of rainy days.



Chooka women’s Hello Kitty Cute! Rain Pup
Chooka Hello Kitty rain boots are in high demand among girls and women. Many girls and ladies are fan of that well known cat. Hello Kitty cute rain boots are fun and will make you enjoy those rainy days. You may even surprise yourself to look forward to the rainy season to wear your favorite boots more often…


NEW!! The Chooka Tokidoki® Rain Boots edition is now available

So this year, don’t cope with the rain, instead have fun in the rain! By choosing a pair of Chooka Rain boots on Cute Rain Boots, you will be the envy of many! Happy rain!

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Tokidoki Chooka rain boots

Tuesday, 28. April 2009 8:36

Chooka – Women’s Tokidoki® Leopard Rain Boots

On sale now! UP to a 50% discount if you buy now. For a limited time only.

Tokidoki (means “sometimes” in Japanese) was inspired by Japanese cartoons and lifestyle. The brand was created by Italian artist Simone Legno and two business partners Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold in 2005.

Using iconic characters, Tokidoki produces apparel, footwear, accessories and other products using art.

Tokidoki’s has collaborated with several industries such as Skull Candy, Smashbox, Lesportsac and Chooka. We present here the amazing Chooka x tokidoki rain boots edition.


Need trendy? We got ‘em! Need funky? We got ‘em! Need attitude? Cute Rain Boots got that, too!

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Chooka rain boots review

Saturday, 25. April 2009 10:05

Need a little bit of color during a dull rainy day? Don’t look any further, Chooka has what you need. A Seattle based company (and yes Seattle knows rain like no other city does), Chooka has brought women’s rainboots to a new level, and has allowed the marriage of practicality and fashion in the form of boots against the rain for all the family.

Cute galoshes? And not only cute, with a bit of chic to it too!  Chooka women’s waterproof boots have created some of the most chic and cute rain boots. You name it, you have it: yellow, horse or whale prints, graffiti, rock tattoo, plain preppy plaid and even lace-up boots. With their unique and stylish look, Chooka women’s rainboots will go with any of your outfit, a skirt, a jean or some tights. Although they usually range between $60-$100, the price is nothing compared to the quality of the boots, which come lined with cotton that will absorb moisture, therefore keeping your feet dry and warm at all time.

So need a bit of color on a dull rainy week? Hurry and have a look at our vast selection of Chooka cute rain boots.

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