Chooka rain boots review

Need a little bit of color during a dull rainy day? Don’t look any further, Chooka has what you need. A Seattle based company (and yes Seattle knows rain like no other city does), Chooka has brought women’s rainboots to a new level, and has allowed the marriage of practicality and fashion in the form of boots against the rain for all the family.

Cute galoshes? And not only cute, with a bit of chic to it too!  Chooka women’s waterproof boots have created some of the most chic and cute rain boots. You name it, you have it: yellow, horse or whale prints, graffiti, rock tattoo, plain preppy plaid and even lace-up boots. With their unique and stylish look, Chooka women’s rainboots will go with any of your outfit, a skirt, a jean or some tights. Although they usually range between $60-$100, the price is nothing compared to the quality of the boots, which come lined with cotton that will absorb moisture, therefore keeping your feet dry and warm at all time.

So need a bit of color on a dull rainy week? Hurry and have a look at our vast selection of Chooka cute rain boots.

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