Top 10 Kids Rain Coats and how to choose them

Spring and rainy season is coming soon? This year, let your child enjoy the beauty of nature and the fresh breezes of April with a proper attire to protect them from the rain. It is important to choose good rain gears with proper size so your child can run around comfortable and fully protected from the rain. From cute rain boots to kids rain coats, there are lots of rain gears for kids available on the market. Choosing them is not always easy. To ease your task at looking for kids rain gears, I prepared here a list of the top 10 kids rain coats and a little info sheet on how to select them. Happy shopping!

Our top 10 rain coats

1) Kidorable

For girls :
Kidorable Toddler Little Kid Ladybug Rain CoatKidorable Toddler/Little Kid Ladybug Rain Coat

For boys :
Kidorable Toddler Little Kid Dinosaur Rain CoatKidorable Toddler/Little Kid Dinosaur Rain Coat

2) Disney kids rain coats

For girls :
Disney Fairies Tinkerbell Purple Girls Rain SlickerDisney Fairies Tinkerbell Purple Girls Rain Slicker

For boys :
Disney Toy Story Boy's Rain SlickerDisney Toy Story Boy’s Rain Slicker

3) Western Chief rain coats for kids

For girls :
Western Chief - Hello Kitty® by Sanrio Polka Dots Rain CoatWestern Chief – Kid’s Hello Kitty® by Sanrio Polka Dots Rain Coat

For boys :
Western Chief - Thomas the Tank Engine RaincoatWestern Chief – Kid’s Thomas the Tank Engine Raincoat

4) Poncho fits all

For girls :
Disney Hannah Montana One Size Fits All Rain PonchoDisney Hannah Montana Girl’s One Size Fits All Rain Poncho

For boys :
Buzz Lightyear Toys Story Blue PonchoBuzz Lightyear Toys Story Boy’s Blue Poncho

5) The sports and outdoors

Sierra Designs Hurricane Parka for KidsSierra Designs Hurricane Parka for Kids
Offered 5 colors

Columbia Boys 8-20 Cypress Brook Ii JacketColumbia Boys 8-20 Cypress Brook Ii Jacket
Offered in 4 colors

As you see, there are a lot of kids rain coats out there. And choosing the right raincoat for you child will depend on several factors. Let see what you need to decide before purchasing a rain coat for your kid.

Style: Where will you child wear that coat? Will it be to more serious functions (like going to the church on Sunday), will it be a coat for the rainy days when you are walking the dog or will it be for outdoor camping with his Scouts buddies? Depending on the needs of your kid, you may decide for a sturdy jacket that will resist the outdoors, a rain jacket with a fun pattern or a more serious type of rain coat.

Color: If you are looking for a more serious kids rain coat, choose black or blue, as they will look more dressy. Otherwise, if the raincoat will be used for everyday purposes (going to school, going to the park, etc), choose a bright color such as pink, yellow, bright green,etc. On rainy days, visibility is reduced and wearing bright colors will help car drivers see your child when crossing the roads. Similarly, during winter, it can get dark very early, and wearing bright colors will help your child become more visible to car drivers. Your child already owns a dark blue rain coat? You can increase visibility of the coat by adding special reflecting strips on the coat.

Material: How cold does it get in your area? You may choose a thicker waterproof jacket over a light rain jacket. If your child is going camping with his or her Scouts group, choose a thicker material, or a jacket with a warm lining. But if you are buying kids rain coats for your children in California, you may want to stick with a lightweight and breathable rain coat for more comfort.

Length: A longer rain jacket will offer maximal protection against the rain. However, they may restrain your children’s range of movements if they are going camping or hiking with the family, with their school class or with they Scout group.

Kids rain coats or kids poncho? There are a much wider variety of kids rain coats, and for all sizes. However, choosing a kids poncho can be a more economical choice as ponchos fit all sizes, therefore will last longer, even if you child grows taller or bigger the next year. However, ponchos are usually made of thinner material and may not be as suitable for colder areas.

Budget: Decide how much you want to spend on your kids rain coats. They range anywhere from 10$ to 100$, depending on the brand, the type of material and the lining. For example, if you opt for a sport/winter waterproof jacket, you can expect to pay more than a simple vinyl jacket, because the jacket will have better insulation or be much sturdier.

Accessorizing your kids rain coats: Consider matching umbrella or rain boots, as they offer extra protection, and are just so simply cute!

I hope I helped you with your kids rain coats search, and happy shopping!

Kandi – writer for Cute rain boots.

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