Pucci rain boots

pucci welliesLooking for Pucci rain boots? Well stop here and have a look at those beautiful wellies. Pucci did it again with those oh so fabulous boots! Our reviewers are just in love with those Pucci rainboots. The only downsize : the price. If you are looking for cheap boots, Pucci women’s boots are certainly not the one you are looking for. But if you are looking for a small splurge (well… let’s say less than your month rent!), you will likely fall in love with Pucci waterproof shoes. But Pucci boots are totally worth it, they are comfy and very elegegant. They fit well in length and the shaft will encase your calves just right so you can still tuck in some pants for the extra rainy and muddy days. You will find that the toe box is just perfect and not bulbous like other brands. The upper rubber is not too tough and you will feel so comfortable in them. After trying the Pucci pair of boots for the rain, you will feel like you’re in heaven. Pucci have great designs and colors. Most of their designs are reserved, not too loud, but still fambloyant enough so everybody will notice them (for the cost, they better be!)  In short, Pucci rain boots are  a sign of fashion and good taste while keeping your feet and pants dry. With your new Pucci rainproof galoshes, you will feel in fashion, no matter how hard it is raining!

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