Best Rain Boots For Women

This is official, cute rain boots are in this year! You probably have notices all those girls and women walking around with those o so fun wellies. Dreaming of owning your own? Here’s a great selection for you.

When you think of rain boots for women, you probably think Kamik or Chooka. But did you know that designers also carried their own selection of galoshes for women? Coach, Ed Hardy, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, just to name some of the designers wellies available.

Rain boots come in all style and all colors these days. You have the basic or classic waterproof women’s boots, in black, with or with no heel, with a lot of chic. But you also have the more fun designs or pattern. Let’s have a look at some of the top rain boots for women available.

The funky look

Chooka Green TattooThe owners of those Chooka Women’s Green Tattoo Rain Boots are screaming love! Amazingly adorable, chic and funky these rubber boots are completely waterproof and weather proof! With these Chookas, function, fashion, and comfort all meet right where they should : on your feet on a wet day! And we bet you never think you could receive so many compliments on a pair of galoshes!



One of the hottest pick is, with no doubt, the Tokidoki rain pups by Chooka. They are just so darned cute! Those rain boots for women can be worn with anything that comes to your mind: jeans, skirts, whatever! Plus they are super comfy and excellent for rainy wet days. We bet you are already falling in love with them…


Pink Grey Rainboots City Scene Hearts Rubber Boots
If you are looking for something funky but  not as loud, have a look at those darling Pink Grey Rainboots City Scene Hearts Rubber Boots. The boots feature a graphic print of a cute city with big hearts. Needless to say that these white and pink boots will brighten up those drizzling days. Comfy and durable, those boots are inexpensive as well!


The conservative boot

Kamik Ellie eggplantPractical, subtle and classy, the Kamik Ellie Rain Boot for women come in 5 elegant colors: black, eggplant, red, chocolate and caramel. These yummy rainboots will keep your feet dry and wet, and are suitable for any occasions, such as walking to work, walking the dogs on rainy mornings or doing hard yard work. Kamik is a symbol of quality and again, it does not disappoint with the shiny and well designed Ellies.

The plaid boot

Nomad Womens Puddles Rain Boot pinkIf you are looking for a plaid pattern, you will love the women’s rubber boots from Nomad. Those puddles boots come in great design, including a plaid pattern in either pink or black and white shades. Elegant, those boots are durable and wide enough to accommodate your pant legs to keep the legs dry. Nomad also offers its puddle boots in a variety of designs and patterns : polka dots, graphic prints, camouflage, umbrella pattern and much more. We bet you will have a hard choosing between all the great boots.



Combining plaid and funkiness, the multicolor Women’s Zulima Bias Plaid Rain Boots is a great purchase. Inexpensive and well-rated by its owners who are just asking for more rain. Those cheery wellies are a stylish and practical accessory for a rainy day.

The fun look

Western Chief Dalmatian Rubber Rain BootWhen everyone will have a long face on that rainy day, you will be hopping between puddles, singing in the rain! Why? Because of those just so cute rain boots from Western Chief. If you are looking for something different, these women’s Dalmatian Rubber Rain Boots are just so fun to wear. They are comfortable and practical and are easy to put on and take off. Whether it is for walking the dog or a handy pair for working in the garden, these galoshes will keep you dry this year.

You will not pass unnoticed with these Chooka Women’s Rubber Duck Boots and their vibrant colors : a bold fire engine red with bright yellow duckies and a buckle accent. You can expect to receive more compliments than you will ever hear about a pair of boots!



For a wider selection of rain boots for women, visit Cute Rain Boots.

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