Tokidoki Chooka rain boots

Chooka – Women’s Tokidoki® Leopard Rain Boots

On sale now! UP to a 50% discount if you buy now. For a limited time only.

Tokidoki (means “sometimes” in Japanese) was inspired by Japanese cartoons and lifestyle. The brand was created by Italian artist Simone Legno and two business partners Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold in 2005.

Using iconic characters, Tokidoki produces apparel, footwear, accessories and other products using art.

Tokidoki’s has collaborated with several industries such as Skull Candy, Smashbox, Lesportsac and Chooka. We present here the amazing Chooka x tokidoki rain boots edition.


Need trendy? We got ‘em! Need funky? We got ‘em! Need attitude? Cute Rain Boots got that, too!

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