Women’s rain boots

Women’s rain boots

Many of us grew up wearing those yellow and black rain boots back in elementary school, along with that unbearable looking yellowish rain coat. Growing up, you probably remember rebelling against that anti-fashionable look and, for the sake of fashion, were willing to put up with wet feet on rainy days. Luckily, with the new emergence of women’s rainboots and women’s rain gears in fashion, that is not the case anymore. Indeed, we can look fashionable, even under a rainstorm while keeping our toes dry and warm with galoshes for women!

other-coach-paisley-new-boots-snow-rain-ivory . COACH Paisley Waterproof Ivory Coach also carry their own rain boots. Those facy Paisley Waterproof Ivory will keep your feet dry with a touch of fanciness. For girls and women who like to keep it fashionable, no matter what!
other-roxy-puddles . Roxy Women’s Puddles Those Roxy puddles rain boots have a je-ne-sais-quoi to them. Girlie but also elegant, they will fit any foot, young like old. Get those beautiful Roxy puddles cute wellies and sing in the rain!

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Rain boots were created in the 19th century, by the First Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesly. Those boots became know as Wellingtons or Wellies. A few decade later, after the discovery of rubber, rubber Wellies were successfully introduced to farmers in France, who immediately adopted them, to keep their feet dry and clean.

Rain boots quickly evolved in something far more fashionable when rain boots for women appeared. The trend in women’s rainboots have evolved a lot over the last few years. From the men’s Wellies boots that were originally made of a black rubber,boots for rain now combine traditional and fashion. They come in a variety of brands, colors, patterns, shapes, designs. Yes, there is a pair of women’s rain boots for almost every single women’s taste.

So say goodbye to those scary yellow and black galosh and find your perfect pair of women’s rainboots.

Because they are so in these days, many designers and big brands also carry women’s galoshes in their line of shoes. Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Burburry are among the long list.


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